O K (breathes DEEP) the show is over and now I can let all be known….this was a disaster of a show and from the beginning nothing but a major cluster frack and that’s being nice actually.  The founder Prissy Price from the beginning is a sweet person but has no real clue what she wanted, what to do or even how to begin.  She had a vision but nothing more and never thought it out fully.  The cause was one that I would do for at any time as my RL mother is a cancer survivor and my Mother in Law is battling cancer so this is a very dear to me cause.

Prissy had so many in management that stories never was the same from minute to minute I had it on multi times basically every time I talked to someone a different story as to how this or that was to be done or who to talk to.

She has us divided up into Teams of approx. 6 designers and 6 models.  I WENT so out of my way when I found our team members to contact them only to find out that 2 of the designers has switched teams (NOTHING WAS MENTIONED in Group Chat or via Notice NOR was anything corrected) and 1 of our models had done the same (AGAIN every NC that came still had the wrong designers and models listed it was never formal or informal corrected).  But I carried on and made contact with those that I could.  I made contact with 4 of our designers and with all but 1 of our models.  I kept management informed at all corners of unable to get a hold of designers and model and the fact that I couldn’t find one of the designers and that our singer was also someone who wouldn’t respond to my IM’s or NC’s.  I was told twice that Prissy had talked to ALL parties and they were still on board and to go ahead.  This type of thing went on for at least two months.

Finally it came down to some deadlines needing to be meet like team name and so forth well Prissy asked for a team captain and I again NC’s and IM’d via a group to all parties say hey does anybody want this position and we need this or that etc.  BUT no one stepped forward but me being the trooper I am was not about to let the team down I stepped UP to the plate and agreed to be team captain.  With a small preconceived nation that management would be more hands on with me.  But when I noticed this was not the case I didn’t really panic much as we still had a couple more months to go.  I was having designers ask me what they were suppose to do and how many outfits etc and I only stayed in full contact on a regular basis with 2 models and 3 designers.

Well this continued for those last two months and then it’s getting down to crunch time.  And I am begging Prissy who has told me she’s helped other team to help our team I was having a hard time being able to manage times where we could all meet UP both designers and models (I never was able to have a TEAM meeting either no one could come or no one would show).  I am NOW hearing that another NEW management member (now I have to say that management would come and go like the wind) that one of designers was made team caption (I WAS never contacted about this and even the designer said that I was team captain but again nothing it was like I or the other models didn’t exist they would only deal with those that they wanted to deal with).  Again that designer between her SL wedding, designing for this show and a RL job was doing her best but she finally came to me and said she needed to pass this off and she was getting overwhelmed but things and I had always agreed to assist as I knew she was busy in both worlds so I took it upon my shoulders and tried to make contact with the person who was now or coordinator etc.

Again NO response I finally talked to another member of management ONLY to find out that 2 of our designers are no longer there and that their are only 4 models left and we have no singer we were given 2 more designers again I made contact with them only to find out that they had already agreed to help another team and was never told to help us SO I went back to management but got ignored by this time I had talked to those I had made contact with the designers from our original team and we all agreed that we could continue as IS and not try and bring others on board as the designers were confused and so where the models.  I then contacted Prissy again begging her for help with our team.  She then informed me to go to the designer stores and pick something out and style that.  Again never given full direction and never answered by questions that the designers had asked me to ask (HERE I am trying hard to make this team work but with no direction or assistance from the person who created this event but again being told our singer is on board and that we would get new designers to replace those we never heard from AND no it didn’t happen).  So, I did as Prissy said I went to the stores and in my opinion had to kinda beg and hope the designers would share their works I was lucky that they were willing to help.

So, now here I am all styling and so forth and then I find out we are giving 2 more designers I make contact with one of em and get something started by this time one of our remaining 4 designers had had enough and dropped out by anything that we had so far she would put into the kiosk and have for sale.  Now I have to comment here that I found out around this time that a couple of the models had purchased their outfits which was not suppose to happen but in talking to them found it that it was actually a lot easier to just do that.  Now here I am thinking that we needed at least one outfit from each of the designers (as per Prissy and management) and one outfit that the WHOLE team was a part of (again Prissy said to pick items from an outfit from each store and use it).  I am doing a lot of what Prissy and Management is telling but yet not getting anywhere.  SO, I get my 3 outfits styled and then I have the ONE mix and match outfit etc.  ONLY to find out by this time the one other designer has had enough as well and was going to do the kiosk only now and so I provided clothing being used and agreed it would end there.  THEN I get told it has to be ONE brand NEW outfit from each of the designers JUST for this show that I am not style.  I made it very clear that wasn’t gonna happen that ONLY one designer made new outfits for this show and that we are waiting for those.  AGAIN was told to take what I have and work with it so by this time I am even buying my own items as well just to be able to pull this event off.  I finally got the BRAND NEW outfits from the one designer and even took the male clothes to pass to our one lone male model.  ONLY to find out again it’s to be mix and match for ALL the outfits again this was not made clear to any of us even my other 2 models where saying that’s not what NC’s and other have been saying.

Again I sat down and talked to models and 2 designers and we agreed just go with what we have and work it the best we can.  BUT now were are down to 2 full designers and 3 models yep our one lone male model backed out within a couple weeks of show.  Even after I had given him the NEW clothes but we went on anyway the 3 models left as we were told it is UP to us models now and that all designers are no longer needed.  WE came together and created our own walk, finale and line up and all that stuff.  I again asked the other two models if they would be willing to add more outfits and they agreed and by this time it was clear we had NO ONE outfit from ALL.  So, I asked Prissy about this and again was told to use the MODELS for input and SO I went to the two models and got something from them for and idea and PUT an outfit together for the last day of the show.  ALL this time from the beginning we understood we would only be walking 2 days total NOT all 3.

NOW for the kicker in the arse…we are talking 3 days before the event Prissy posts in group chat that WE aka TEAM had quite and how upset she was….I WAS beside myself with rage over this and I have to give my team credit for saying EXCUSE me in chat.  THEN all the IM’s come pour in saying wait it’s a mistake let us check something.  ALL this time I am going WHAT she didn’t CHECK IT FIRST.  Prissy did send out a notice saying it was a mix up but she never personally apologized to me or my team.  NOW as a result of this we lost our one DJ that was our last hope here cuz he was told that we had AGAIN NOTHING WAS EVER CONFIRMED AND CHECKED BY MANAGEMENT OR PRISSY just spoken and expected to be OK.

I kinda went off on my RL hubby about this as I was at the point that if I had not made commitments to the designers and other models that I would have left this project quite some time ago he calmed me down and talked to me and agreed to be our DJ as he is aspiring to be a DJ in SL.  We told management this but he started to feel my frustration in the fact that he couldn’t get a straight story as to times and what is required etc.  But we all pressed on 3 models and 1 DJ with 1 last designer.  OH I forgot to mention that the week before the event when we showed up for a rehearsal we were told that we should forfeit cuz we don’t have enough to be in the show…we said that was not gonna happen as ALL that was needed was music and at this point we don’t care about the music JUST the CAUSE and the SHOW now.

My RL hubby came together and got some music for us and was there for our first day only to have issues with stream again cuz NO ONE ASKED what DJ’s, Musicans, Models or the designers needed to make this show run without major hiccups.  AGAIN I know other teams HAD support and such as even Prissy said she held their hand and walked them thru each little step BUT we did not and I think for all we did the best we could regardless.

I just want to end this with saying some very heartfelt thanks and to what I hope to be a long friendship to come and know that I am there for these ppl and will NOT be doing a show for Prissy or with Prissy at the helm again.  This was so wrong in many ways.

Thank you goes to Xerxes Ixtar BABY you saved us and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Imani Enzo I thank you for your support and understanding always willing to give advice and help me when I needed help as a model, Chickie Ashbourne I want to thank you for always giving me a smile and telling me it’s gonna be OK without you keeping me in good moods I think I would have gone made long ago.

I want to thank the following designers for having faith in me to allow me the honor of wearing their designs: Rosalynne Writer of Sophistishapes, Ranena Olivier-Halsey of R.O.C, Reign Congrejo of Evolve and Bouquet Babii of Vero Modero.  Without ya’ll this would have never happened but most of all I would have never had to opportunity to work with each of ya’ll like I have.

I want to also give thanks to Marilynn Whitfield for always listening to me moan and groan and scream about things going wrong but still keeping grounded.  Starlett Nightfire thanks for giving an ear and doing all you could to assist me but most of all to be there at the most hardest time you where always the one I knew would give an answer even if you didn’t know it fully you at least gave promise to the end result.